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Four types of butter grill

Fresh and soft Jeon In Foods' unique Four types of butter grill

Seasoned and dried squid
Product capacity
Shelf Life
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Jeon In Food
Ingredients and content
Made-in-Korea five-leg squid
Squid(Made in Korea)82.8%, D-sorbitol 3.6%, white sugar 10%, refined salt(domestic) 2.0%, monosodium glutamate(flavor enhancer)1.2%, disodium succinate0.2%, Metaphosphoric Acid0.15%, potassium sorbate(preservative)0.05%

Made in Korea Half-dried squid
Squid 100%

Seasoned and grilled anglerfish
Agnlerfish(Made in Korea)84.75%, D-sorbitol 3.39%, white sugar 9.075%,refined salt(domestic) 1.02%, monosodium glutamate(flavor enhancer)0.08%

Coin-sized five-leg octopus
Squid Legs(from peru)91.02%, white sugar 3.98%, refined salt(domestic) 1.8%, monosodium glutamate(flavor enhancer)1.7%, citric acid1.3%, potassium sorbate(preservative)0.1%, disodium succinate0.1%

HAEPYO Onggane Sunchang Red Pepper Paste
Valentine Butter
DL Red Pepper Cheese Powder

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